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RIKKI Art Exhibition, Showcases Art as a Tool to Support Mental Health Rehabilitation

The Finnish Embassy in Berlin Promotes RIKKI Art Exhibition at the Showroom Berliini

March 24th, 2016

From the 4th until the 26th of March the Showroom Berliini hosts the RIKKI Art Exhibition, in which are shown works by talented young artists from Finland. The exhibition has a varied disposition of different artworks held together by the theme of mental health rehabilitation. The artists have personal or closely felt experiences of struggling with long term mental health issues. These difficulties are the energy and curiosity that fuels their art.

The RIKKI project organizes art exhibitions in Finland and also abroad, but this time the exhibition is in Berlin with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues and offering peer support through art. It is thought that through art, some of those who suffer from mental illnesses may be able to find a way to heal, and many different stories from around the world can be brought together and told through one medium.

The exhibition includes comics and paintings handling hard themes such as PTSD and alcoholism. There are also photographs that show a glimpse into the lives of mentally ill people and the kind of issues they deal with on a daily basis. At the opening week there was performances by Julia Kosunen at the gallery space which dealt with the medicalization of mental illnesses.

RIKKI shows real stories from mentally ill people’s lives through art, which becomes not only a form of therapy but also a way to voice feelings for these people.

The exhibition, as mentioned above, is hosted by the Showroom Berliini, a new contemporary art space situated at Checkpoint Charlie, in the heart of Berlin. This space aims to promote and exhibit Finnish and international contemporary art by organizing shows, movie nights and talks on contemporary and up-to-date topics.

The Showroom Berliini started as a co-funded gallery in 2014 and hosts many prominent group and solo exhibitions by young and upcoming artists and it is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Ikahu Ltd as well as having the support of the Finnish Embassy who promote the work of Finnish artists in Berlin and Germany.

For more information, please visit the website.


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