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Hillary Clinton Visits Berlin

July 08th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady and US Minister of Foreign Affairs, decided to grace the German capital Berlin with her presence this weekend in order to promote her book “Hard Choices”. She was met with great enthusiasm by the audience in the packed Berlin state opera, where she not only talked about her book, but also answered questions concerning the politics of her colleague Angela Merkel, the spy accusations against the USA and her possible presidential candidature. Her thousand page long book not only brushes upon hard political topics but  instead also mostly tells her story and struggles as a woman in the largely male dominated field of politics.

Clinton also expressed her great admiration for Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel for being such a great leading personality and for her quick handling and decision making during the NSA-spying exposure. Merkel, who currently holds the title of the most powerful woman in the world, could lose her title to Clinton in two years’ time- which is when the next US-elections are taking place and the former foreign minister is considered as a potential candidate for the Democratic Party. The questions concerning her candidature are being constantly repeated wherever she goes. At her only book presentation in Germany she was asked when she would make the decision, to which she replied that she would send them a mail once she knows.

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