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Molyvos International Music Festival in Berlin

The Molyvos International Festival, in cooperation with the Embassy of Greece in Germany, has come to raise awareness of the global refugee problem

June 28th, 2016

Under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in Berlin the Molyvos International Music Festival visited the city. They came to demonstrate the ways in which music can connect people from different cultures in the struggle against xenophobia.

Molyvos, the capital of Lesvos in Aegean Sea, has always been a town with an established cultural scene. Those organizing the Molyvos Music Festival, in collaboration with the embassy of Greece in Germany, have decided to visit Berlin and spread a very important message worldwide.

Lesvos’ residents have recently experienced firsthand the worldwide impact of the war in Syria. Every night around 1,000 refugees arrive in Lesvos from Turkey. Guided by smugglers, crowded in small boats, and having paid for a very expensive ticket to “The Promised Land” they risk their lives for a better future. However, not all of them arrive in Lesvos alive. Volunteers from Molyvos and other cities have generously undertaken the responsibility of helping the refugees with limited resources. With their fishing boats they carry refugees to the land, host them in their houses and feed them for free. Molyvos is at the frontline of Europe.

The Molyvos International Music Festival, which features musician participants from 11 different countries, came to Berlin in an attempt to inspire the music audience and foster solidarity with the refugee issue. Through bringing together artists from different countries and cultures, we can see cultural diplomacy at work.

Music unites people and provides a basis for constructive dialogue against xenophobia. The embassy of Greece supported the attempt and the result at Radialsystem V had an impact on everyone who attended. This summer Lesvos will again play host to the International Music Festival which will continue the activities in its hometown.


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Vicky Milioti, Berlin Global