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Mantra for Happiness: Good Vibes in Berlin!

The Embassy of India to German is going to hold a concert that expresses the “Indian mood” through a mix of music and entertainment

August 29th, 2017
The initiative organized by the Indian Embassy in Berlin, will take place on the 31st of August in order to spread Indian culture through sound and melodies that reminds the Mantra practice.

Indeed the concert will be performed by Dr. Shri Balaji També and his musicians to introduce people to the good vibes of Mantra, through a creative manner that promotes happiness and healthy lifestyle. In order to recreate a typical Indian environment, the band will perform traditional instruments such as: bamboo flute, harmonium, keyboards and various percussions.

Dr.Shri Balaji També is a well-known artist, who became famous thanks to his personal perception of music and its role in affecting our wellbeing and ordinary life. Since he really believes that music represents a powerful vehicle to spread good vibes, he developed a unique and peculiar sound that comes from a deep knowledge of Veda. In other words, he has invented a meditation formula through which inspires people to feel good.

Furthermore, the language adopted by the singer is suitable to impact the brain positively to recharge the body and soul and to spread energy and good feelings. What is behind this performance is a real knowledge about the Veda tradition that produces an engaging mood, through a combination of instruments and voices.

The event is targeted to everyone who would like to experience this unique music, which aims to create an environment of good feelings and well-being, where people enjoy original mixed sounds and share the interest and passion towards meditation and more.