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The German Embassy Contributing to the Development of China

June 24th, 2014
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News from Berlin – The Embassy of Germany in Beijing is working on mini-projects in order to encourage economic and social development in every part of the country. The Embassy has planned 9 projects for the year 2014 and they are all targeting the poorest and the most disadvantaged parts of the population.

In cooperation with NGOs all across China, the German Embassy is planning on improving the drinking water supply and the plumbing in many villages and small towns, as well as on promoting solar energy and resource conservation. Other projects are focused on the improvement of the educational system and on supporting the functioning of small kindergartens.

There are also efforts to create better educational programs for different professional fields. For example, dental technicians and motor mechanics can now participate in programs organized by the embassy to obtain a better training and thus have the chance for a better job opportunities. An interesting initiative has also started in the sunny province of Qinghai, where solar cookers, which can bring water to a boiling point in a few minutes, have been installed.

All these projects are supported by different organizations, some of them being “Love & Hope“, the Yushu Kunpen Vocational Training Center, the Friendship Charity Organization and the Lotus Charity Organization.

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