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“La Fanfarria del Capitán”

Argentinian Embassy in Berlin Promotes Band’s Tour around Germany

June 13th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, News from Berlin

Starting June 10th and ending July 29th, the Argentinian-based band “La Fanfarria del Capitán” (originally known as “Capitán Tifus”) will commence their 7th European Tour.

The band “La Fanfarra del Capitán” originated in Argentina in 2004. Ever since, they have been performing what could be defined as a fusion between Balkan-rooted folklore and Latin rhythms. Their peculiar music style has earned the title of “La Fanfarria Latina”, an innovative style which has managed to capture the attention of thousands of people around the globe.

Even though the band was founded in Argentina by three core members, their world tours have enabled the band to discover new talents all around the world. Recruiting musicians from some of the locations where they toured, the band now consists of 10 members from countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Brazil, Spain and Kazakhstan.

Having toured for 6 consecutive years since 2011, the band has spent up to 7 months a year on the road, and has performed, on occasions, up to 80 concerts a year. A commitment that “La Fanfarria del Capitán” doesn’t take lightly, for its mission is clear: to “travel around the world sharing and expanding the limits of our music”.

Cultural inclusivity seems to be at the core of this band’s philosophy. By embracing the diversity of their musicians and merging their different styles in order to conceive an original sound, the band has managed to attract individuals from all different backgrounds. By providing a multi-style, multi-cultural experience, “La Fanfarria del Capitán” has built an impressive platform of supporters worldwide.

And as it turns out, the Argentinian government seems to be a fan too. To them, the philosophy behind the band’s style is so unconventional and valuable that both the Argentinian Secretariat of Culture and the Foreign Relations Ministry have declared the band’s tours matter of Cultural Interest.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Argentinian Embassy in Berlin is itself promoting their upcoming tour around 13 main German cities. For the band not only promotes their music, but rather the cultural values that lay behind it.


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