Indian Folk Music

A part of contemporary urban Indian culture expressed through music

September 10th, 2019
Oana Călățean, News from Berlin
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Indian Embassy in Berlin and the Tagore Center is inviting once again the public to explore the vast culture of India, in a more contemporary form this time, through contemporary Indian folk music beats. The large German public as well as residences of Berlin are invited on 17th September to acknowledge the more modern forms of Indian vast culture.

The concert will be performed by Tapi, a contemporary folk band from Gujarat. Even if most Indian music known outside the India borders is the Bollywood one, the urban folk music performed by Tapi is anything but Bollywood. Tapi comes with a message from the heart of modern India, with its own stories and challenges, that are so much common to all of us: urban life, money, alienation, universal search for self. A good example in this sens is the song “The message”, the highlight of their last album, The Tapi Project. The song is addressing one of the most contentions issues of our generation, that despise the multitude channels of communications people become more and more estrange from one another.

With its origins in Yogi’s poetry, Tapi’s music is full of sensibility, evoking emotions, all beautifully combined in the sounds of mix funk and folk. The group encounter a great success, as they toured both in Asia and Europe in the last 15 years, releasing 4 albums until now. Besides music, poetry is also part of their performance, addressing the same themes as their songs, the challenges of the common man, in modern India, but which are very well reflected in each of us despite the cultural differences.


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