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Faces of Cuba

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July 14th, 2017
2017_07_14 Faces of Cuba.jpg

The exhibition Faces of Cuba by the German photographer Wolfgang Frotsche was inaugurated at the General Hospital of the city of Frankfurt Oder under the motto Fidel is the People.

The snapshots show happy faces of children, youth and adults, who defend with dignity their country, the social achievements of the Revolution, its culture and its roots, as expressed by the artist himself.

The event was attended by Cuban H. E. Ambassador Juan Parra Fellové, in charge of cultural affairs. He emphasized the symbolism of the exhibition taking place in a hospital, since free health is one of the greatest social achievements that Cuba has made. And it is an issue which the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, put a lot of effort during his long life.

In the framework of the inauguration, which was attended by local authorities, directors of the hospital, friends and supporters of Cuba, a short film was presented about the experiences of the German photographer and his wife during their most recent trip to Cuba.

The exhibition will be available from July 12th to October 15th. It is a clear example of the Cuban government using photography to improve its image and to show its good side to the German people. The exhibition gives great insight into a quite closed of Country. This is also a great case of cooperation, with a German photographer making an exhibition for the Cuban government.

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