Experience Old and Modern K-Pop at a Concert in Neukölln

Koreanische Kulturzentrum in Berlin is sponsoring a K-pop concert to spread Korean popular music to German audiences

September 15th, 2022
Natalie Thelin, News from Berlin
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This September, the Koreanisches Kulturzentrum is hosting a concert in Neukölln, Berlin where the popular genre Korean pop, K-pop, will be played.

The attendees will have the opportunity to experience both old fashioned and modern renditions from the perspective of early K-pop. The concert will go back to the beginnings of the genre, which has today become a global phenomenon. This is to give fans of the genre a look into how the K-pop of today was formed.

The line-up of artists are singer-songwriter and folk-rock singer Haki Park; Eun-Mi Lee famous for her extraordinary live performances and being barefoot; Seung-Hwa Park, vocalist for the folk-ballad band Yurisangja, who is known for having a calming and soft voice; Dong-Ha Jung, a singer known for having a voice appealing to all ages; the singer ALi known for having outstanding talent and incomparable voice; and lastly Choon-Ho Haam who is famous for excellent skills on the guitar.

The singers will join a common concert for the first time, where they will sing for freedom and peace. Both songs written by the performing artists and songs originally by the Korean singer Min-Ki Kim, who is considered to be one of the greatest singers in the history of K-pop and folk music, will be performed at the concert.

The event will take place on September the 18th on Karl-Marx Straße in Neukölln. Entry is free of charge, although reservations have to be made in advance.


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