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"Trio Mediterraneo" at the Spanish Embassy

Classical Concert featuring composers like Beethoven, Francisco Tárrega and others took place yesterday at the Spanish Embassy

March 12th, 2015

On March 11th, the Spanish Embassy held a classical concert featuring the  works by composers such as Beethoven and Haydn, a demonstration of Europe’s rich and globally renowned classical music. History. Additionally, prominent Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega was also interpreted by ‘Trio Mediterraneo’. The goal was to highlight the richness and diversity of European classical music, and simultaneously celebrate Spain’s contribution thereto. 

The concert took place as part of the Spanish embassy’s program promoting ‘Spanienkultur’ (‘Spanish Culture’). Its main objectives are the publicity of Spanish art and culture, specifically in relation to German society and the German public. The Cultural Department of Spain’s embassy in Berlin greatly prioritises the support of young Spanish artists working in Berlin and greater Germany. This is done through the provision of a platform from which to share their art and work with the German public.

The project ‘Spanienkultur’ tries to bring to the stage a wide variety of events. The concert from ‘Trio Mediterreneo’ is only one aspect of the embassy’s musical program. There will also, for example, be theatre and movie event evenings showing both modern and classic examples of Spanish acting and film work. The German public also has access to interactive workshops on Spanish culture. Furthermore, reading nights are another activity on offer from the Spanish Embassy, in an effort to promote Spanish literature in addition to its music and films.

‘Trio Mediterraneo’, the trio of Spanish musicians that performed at yesterday’s concert are currently working in Berlin. They have extensive experience in playing Spanish classical music in countries not only all over Europe but all over the world. The trio is consisted of Maria Rita Mascaros Ferrer (cellist), Neus Saval Llorca (violinist) and José García Benítez (viola player). They are currently on tour in Germany,playing at the most highly-respected musical institutions in Germany. 


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