Chilean Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren Meets with His German Counterpart and Highlights the Integral Nature of the Bilateral Relationship

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, began his tour of Europe today

April 12th, 2024
Marina R. Ferrández Esclapez, News from Berlin
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During the meeting, both bilateral and global agenda issues were addressed, underlining the solid relationship that unites both Chile and Germany. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Alberto van Klaveren, highlighted that the connection between the two countries has deep roots and covers several aspects, from the strong economic presence with significant investments and trade, to cooperation in fields such as technology and innovation, in addition to a close political relationship.

The meeting took place at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, where the upcoming visit of the President of the Republic of Chile, Gabriel Boric, to Germany in June was also discussed, as an opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties, in reciprocity of the visit made by the Federal Chancellor of Germany to Chile in January of the previous year.

In addition, the approval of the Advanced Framework Agreement in the European Parliament was highlighted, which will allow internal ratifications to begin by the Member States of the EU, and the constant support provided by Germany in the process of modernization of the Association Agreement between Chile and the European Union.

In another order of ideas, Chile's work in the field of renewable energies was shared with Minister Baerbock, particularly in the development of lithium and green hydrogen, highlighting the diversity and robustness of the cooperation between both countries. Progress was also recognized in the Climate Club initiative, led by both nations, which seeks to decarbonize the industrial sector.

In addition, the Feminist Foreign Policy promoted by the Chilean Foreign Ministry and the shared values regarding respect for human rights and promotion of gender equality were addressed. Emphasis was placed on shared responsibility in the implementation of this policy and on the commitment of President Boric's Government in this area, as a means of collaboration with Germany.

Finally, the global situation was discussed, particularly Russia's invasion of Ukraine, reiterating Chile's support for this country as a victim of unacceptable aggression by Russia. Chile's commitment to maintaining this position of support towards Ukraine was emphasized.


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