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Berlin Lacht! 7th International Festival of Street Theatre

August 05th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Berlin Lacht! is a non-profit organization that promotes street-art and culture. Each year they organise the ‘Berlin International Street Theatre Festival’, a two week festival celebrating street theatre in all its forms and genres.  

The project began in 2004, when members gathered as a street theatre group and then evolved in February 2005 with the establishment of eV. This enabled better coordination and promotion of a solid platform for street art and culture which they believed Berlin was desperately in need of.

The organisation notes that Germany does not have a well grounded tradition of street theatre, but sees it as hugely important for transforming human relationships because it has the potential to be highly inclusive and accessible to audiences.

This is firstly because it is very encompassing, where anybody has the opportunity to be involved without needing any sort of higher educational background associated with classical theatre. But secondly it is because it is much more intimate in its general proximity to audience members, giving rise to a much more inclusive spectacle.

Berlin Lacht festival seeks to celebrate and espouse the inclusivity of street theatre during this five day celebration, offering a ‘barrier-free culture for everyone’ and is therefore also an excellent opportunity for cultural diplomacy in enabling inter-cultural dialogue at a very grassroots level.

It will take place in Alexanderplatz from 07/24/2014 to 08/10/2014 and, in the spirit of Street Theatre, free to the public.

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