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Celebration of the Inauguration of the Panama Canal Expansion Project

The Embassy of Panama has organized a photographic exhibition in order to celebrate of the opening of the canal expansion

July 14th, 2016
Iñaqui Gonzalez, News from Berlin

The Embassy of Panama in Germany, celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal expansion project. The event took place on the 24th of June 2016 the event was called "PANAMA EXPANDS ITS DOORS TO THE WORLD" and took place in a hall of Hotel Regent located in Mitte, Berlin.

The world photographic exhibition "PANAMA EXPANDS ITS DOORS TO THE WORLD" included the participation of Mr. Andreas Gross, an international expert on tourism and investment, who acted as the moderator during the event. However he also made a presentation where not only the expansion of the Canal was shown, but also Panama as a tourist and investment destination was shown.

The embassy of Panama which represents a bilateral mission in Berlin and promotes the interests of Panama in Germany, plays an important role in the development of cultural affairs and contacts with the press. The activities of all Panama embassies are usually coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is headed by Mr Guido Spadafora who is the Ambassador to Germany and the one who led this event carried by the embassy.

H.E. Ambassador, Guido Spadafora, closed the event with an explanation of the history and the significance of the Panama Canal expansion project to the world in order to show one of the most modern and complex infrastructures in the whole world. The work was carried out primarily by Panamanian workers, which instilled in the entire nation a sense of pride. He also emphasises the importance of strengthening and deepening the bilateral relations between the two states in order to continue to increase Panama’s presence in Germany.

The event involved a large number of representative figures from the federal government, the business sector, cultural, academic and scientific, diplomatic and consular corps, press and Panamanian community residents in Germany.


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