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Bolivia meets Germany through the Music of Piraí Vaca

The Bolivian musician Piraí Vaca will be on tour in Europe and is ready to play at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Insitut in Berlin

October 19th, 2016
Giulia G. Angelini, News from Berlin
The Bolivian musician, Piraí Vaca, will be playing in Berlin on the 29th of September at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut at 7:00 pm. A partnership between the Embassy of Bolivia in Germany and the Ibero-American Institute, made this event possible and is open for all interested in multiculturalism and bilateral relations between Latin America and Germany.

Piraí Vaca is one of the most notable musicians in Bolivia. The talent of this musician has amazed Latin America for his intensity, technique and interpretations; which made him one of the most admired musicians in Latin America. Piraí Vaca apart from being a musician is also well known as the director and creator of the Festival Guitarranga, one of the most famous festivals hosted in Bolivia.

Piraí Vaca started his studies in 1997 at the Institute de Bellas Artes de Santa Cruz in Bolivia. Afterwards he moved to Buenos Aires to study at the Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires in Argentina. Piraí Vaca finalized his studies in music specializing in guitar as his main instrument at the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana in Cuba. He continued his studies with Manuel Barrueco in the USA and later with Hubert Käppel at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany.

Music, according to Piraí Vaca, not only can be achieved by playing it with the hands, but as he describes it, it involves the body, the soul and the mind.

The concert will be the perfect opportunity for a cultural exchange between southern and northern cultures. Piraí Vaca will be playing on the notes of composers from Bolivia, Uruguay and Spain, of artists such as, Isaac Albéniz, Eduardo Martin, Francisco Tarrega, Joaquin Malats, Jorge Luna, Adrián Patino, Alfredo Dominguez, Quique Sinesi y Cergio Prudencio.

The Bolivian guitarist has been connecting with other cultures thanks to his studies in Argentina, Cuba, the United States and Germany. The Bolivian culture expressed by the music of Piraí Vaca has travelled the world, from Latin America to Asia and from Asia to Europe. The Bolivian musician is already known in Germany for his incredible talent in music, as the German newspaper Rhein Zeitung describes him –  “(…) In the Festival de Música del Mosel, Piraí Vaca, was one of the most outstanding guitarist in the world”.

Two different cultures, from two different continents, will have the chance to create a connection and strengthen their relations thanks to music as a tool for cultural understanding. The multicultural city of Berlin will welcome the melody of Bolivian classical music and embrace in this way the traditions of the Americas.

The Embassy of Bolivia in partnership with the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut invites everybody to join the concert with a feeling of brotherhood. 


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