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“Blue Notes”

Concert ¨Blue Notes¨ by Manolis Vlitakis - Randspiele XXV (Church of St. Annen Zepernick, 8 July 2017)

July 08th, 2017
Simeon Botey, News from Berlin
2017_07_08 Greek Pianist.jpg

On the 8th of July 2017 a concert was hosted by one of the best Greek pianists; Ermis Theodorakis, where he performed Manolis Vlitakis´s "Blue Notes" No 2, as well as works by Xenakis and Mahnkopf, at the festival "Randspiele XXV" in the church of Sankt Annen Zepernick.

Ermis Theodorakis who is a very talented Greek pianist, is receiving official support from the Hellenic Republican Embassy in Berlin to create a concert in order to expand the knowledge to people about his form of communicating culture in a musical and very international way.  

The Blue Notes were a South African jazz sextet, whose definitive line-up featured Chris McGregor on piano, Mongezi Feza on trumpet, Dudu Pukwana on alto saxophone, Nikele Moyake on tenor saxophone, Johnny Dyani on bass, and Louis Moholo on drums. After moving away from their home country in 1964, they established themselves on the European jazz circuit, where they continued to play and record through the 1970s. They are now considered one of the great free jazz bands of their era, whose music was given a unique flavour by their integration of African styles such as Kwela into the progressive jazz ideas of the time.

This was a unique opportunity to participate in an event where multiculturalism is at the core of it. It was a possibility to exchange cultural experience in a musical and traditional way as this is an organized event where cultures of many sorts will be present.

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