“Berlin Impressions”

The Slovenian Embassy in Berlin is hosting the photography exhibition “Berlin Impressions”

June 23rd, 2017
Aarnon Marko, News from Berlin
2017_06_28 Berlin Impressions.jpg

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Slovenian-German diplomatic relations, there was an opening of the exhibition, which was hosted at the Embassy headquarters at Hausvogteiplatz. The opening was followed by refreshments and socializing and there was also a chance to meet the artist Aaron Marko. The exhibition will be opened for indefinite time.

One of the main missions of the Cultural Department of the Slovenian Embassy in Berlin is to support, promote and facilitate the field of culture and education. The Embassy has been involved in the promotion of Slovenian artists in Germany, and has also contributed greatly to the cultural exchange and development of the artistic scene abroad.

Aaron Marko is a Berlin based photographer, with Slovenian origins. He was a passionate photographer ever since his childhood. He had several mentors from different countries, such as Slovenia, Sweden, Belgium and Argentina. Each gave him different view on the technical and artistic approach to photography. He’s currently studying on the New York Institute of Photography.  Aaron can boast about his many achievements and awards, which he got at several international competitions. His photographs have been published in “National Geographic” and also some other magazines.

One of his Berlin themed collections includes photos he mostly took at the Alexanderplatz. The second one is primarily made of portraits of people involved in the street flow. In these photos he completely captures the soul of the city. They perfectly represent Berlin in all its glorious diversity; which is everything from: street musicians, flea-markets, marathons, punks, expensive brands, protests, fancy stores, the U-bahn, beer drinking, hijabs, transvestites, parks, Bundestag and tattoos.  His third collection has a political note to it and it’s about Berlin wall – twenty five years after its fall.


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