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Young Euro Classics: Opening ceremony

June 19th, 2014

News from Berlin - Throughout June and July, the city of Berlin hosts the Young Euro Classics, a festival of the world’s best orchestras of the youth. This summer, for the first time, the festival will be held by two institutions: Berliner Philharmonie in June and Admiralspalast in July.

On Sunday, June 22, Youth Euro classics will be opened by the French Orchestra of the Youth and the French pianist Romain Descharmes under the direction of Dennis Russell Davies. However, before the concert’s beginning, Dr. Willi Steul, director of Deutschlandradio, Pr. Dr. Alfred Grosser, German-French publisher, sociologist and politician as well as Dr. Nobert Röttgen, head of the Foreign Committee of German-French affairs will be exchanging about German-French relations. The conversation will be broadcast on radio.

Willi Steul studied ethnology, philosophy and catholic theology and history, Oxford, Paris, Frankfurt/Main and Kabul, Afghanistan. Following his studies, he began doing ethnological research in Afghanistan and held a position as lecturer at Kabul University. After having worked for several newspapers and television channels, he became the director of Deutschlandradio in 2009.

Alfred Grosser was born in Frankfurt/Main in 1925 before moving to Paris in 1933. Having Jewish roots, the family stayed in Paris where Grosser began studying German literature and political sciences. From 1955 – 1992, he held a chair at Sciences Po Paris. He worked for several newspapers and was a forerunner of the Elysée treaty in 1963.

Nobert Röttgen is Germany’s former minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety from 2009 to 2012. Since 2014, he’s been the head of the Foreign Committee of German-French affairs.

18.30h Conversation Dr. Willi Steul, Pr. Dr. Alfred Grosser, Dr. Nobert Röttgen, Südfoyer Berliner Philarmonie

20.00h Concert - French Orchestra of the Youth, Großer Saal Berliner Philarmonie

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