Angola and Mozambique join to Strengthen African Representation in Germany

The ambassadors of Mozambique and Angola met in Berlin to discuss shared goals for development

June 20th, 2024
Valeria Gerganova, News from Berlin
20240617 Angola and Mozambique.jpg

The new ambassador of Mozambique to Germany, Elias Jaime Zimba, attended a courtesy meeting at the Angolan Embassy in Berlin with Angolan ambassador Balbina Dias da Silva.

The goal of the meeting was strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two African countries.

Bost ambassadors expressed the desire to promote joint projects that benefit both countries and strengthen African representation in Germany.

The agenda included topics of common interest such as the intensification of diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Angola and Mozambique, as well as the strengthening of projects and programs to be carried out by the SADC Group of Ambassadors.

There was an emphasis on the importance of brotherhood, solidarity, and collaboration among African nations, especially in the current international context.


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