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A Celebration of German-Russian Economic Cooperation

Russian Embassy in Berlin held a traditional Forum on German-Russian economic cooperation

June 23rd, 2016
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On the 9th of June about 400 representatives of small and medium sized companies in Germany came together for a number of business meetings at the Russian Embassy in Berlin. The German Fund for Family Businesses invited a number of MPs from both Germany and Russia to be the guests of honour at the event. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Vladimir M. Grinin, welcomed the guests and Foundation members, he also stressed that despite the negative dynamics of trade and economic relations in recent years, Russian and German entrepreneurs continue to be important partners.

The Russian government continues to work towards securing an increasingly better investment climate. Political dialogue between the two states has been more active recently, an example of this is the signing of the Special Investment Agreement with the company called CLAAS, and this equalizes foreign manufacturers with domestic ones. The Ambassador acknowledged the work that German companies do in order to retain their presence at the Russian market.

General Director of, Federal corporation for the development of small and medium sized enterprises, Alexander A. Braverman gave a speech during the event. He comprehensively spoke about existing mechanisms for the support of SMEs in Russia. The evening included a symbolic short presentation of the book "A great future: Germany in Russia's economy", which gives an overview of a long-term and deep German-Russian business partnership.

In his welcoming speech the chairman of the German-Russian Forum Mathias Platzeck spoke about the various political aspects of relations between the two countries and expressed his astonishment regarding the cease of dialogues such as G8 and the Russia-NATO Council by the West, especially when they are most needed.


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Nana Amiranashvili, Berlin Global