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Shakespeare’s Sonnets Arrive to Berlin

October 08th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On the 10th of October "Nico and the Navigators" will be in "Radialsystem" representing the best 154 Shakespeare sonnets and interchanging dialogues with British performer Charles Adrian Gillott. This event will also have the presence of actors and back music.

Nico and the Navigators want to commemorate Shakespeares' work. This original and unique performance will be recited both in English and German, so this actuation, which will take place in Radialsystem, will serve as a bridge between English and German cultures.

The principal aim of this event is showing the strength and discordance of Shakespeare's texts, considered by some experts as the most important Western lyric pieces of our times. Nico and the Navigators have made a selection of poems that are related to day-to-day topics, such as love, sex, immortality and success, adding a mistery air, thanks to the parallel performance of the actors Nils Dreschke and Sebastian Fortak.

Nico and Navigators has been representing Shakespeares' sonnets through Germany. They have been representing them in other cities with great success. This event is open for everybody. You can buy tickets from now in the Radialsystem webpage:


For further information, you can consult Nico and the Navigators webpage:


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