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Zambia 50th Independence Celebration in Berlin

October 22nd, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia is set to celebrate their country's independence this Friday, and the date is particularly special this year. Zambia attained independence on the 24th of October 1964, so this year the nation will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary and Golden Jubilee in style in the German capital.

In a letter addressed to the Zambian community in Germany the Ambassador Bwalya S.K. Chiti, sees Friday as somewhat of a historic event where the citizens are able to look back and remind themselves of the value of freedom and democracy, which the First Zambian President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda and other Freedom fighters fought for all those years ago.

The theme for this years Golden Jubilee celebration, according to the letter, is "Commemorating God's favour of Zambia's 50 Years of Independence for Continued Peace, Unity, Democracy, Patriotism and Prosperity." Summing up the future aspirations for the Zambian embassy in Berlin. And as part of Zambia's 50th Independence Day Celebrations, the Embassy held the following events: "Zambia Business Forum" on October 13th, and "A Golden Jubilee Lecture" on October 22nd at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. And on the actual day of independence the 24th October there will be a National Day Reception at the Maritim Hotel, followed by a "Diaspora Get-Together Party" on October 25th at the Ambassador's Residence.

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