Scandinavian Meeting Point In Berlin

Promoting intercultural exchange through the opening of the new META exhibition

September 04th, 2019
Victoria Rochelois, News from Berlin
20190904_Scandinavian Meeting Point In Berlin.jpg

Autumn is on its way and the first Scandinavian Meeting Point of the season took place on September 4th with the opening of the new exhibition “META”. With artists, guests, stanger from all over the world, this evening is a great opportunity for you to explore new beautiful artworks of our artists and meet other Nordic and international people in a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

"META" is their new exhibition that connects different artistic mediums, such as sculptures and drawings. The four artists explore another dimension beyond our material surroundings. They each have peculiar artistic styles and expressions. Among sculptures and drawings, META explores another dimension beyond our material surroundings, jumping in to a new world of thought proving Art.

Featuring artists of the exhibition are international artists Heike Ruschmeyer from Denmark, Vanessa Notley from Great Britain, Marko Kusmuk from Bosnia and Malatsion from France.They will be presenting a diverse range of art, from floating sculptures, inspired by herbariums to paper sculptures with applied drawings, watercolour paintings that portray deaf individuals stuck in a bichromatic reality and documents of crimes.

This evening was a beautiful gathering of like-minded people, coming from all over the world, sharing the love for art within the city of Berlin. An opportunity of great cultural exchange!


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