Rwanda and Germany in Cooperation

The Rwandan Private Sector of Federation (PSF) visits the Bundeszentrale of BVMW

July 31st, 2019
Aisosa Erhahon, News from Berlin
20190731_Rwanda and Germany.jpg

The Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany, S.E. Igor Cesar, paid a courtesy visit to the Bundeszentrale of BVMW, together with the BVMW representative of the alliance for Africa, Mrs. Bienvenue Angui. As well a representative of the GiZ, the German Organization for Economic Cooperation, was present.

The meeting, which was formerly organized by the GiZ, took place at the office of the Bundeszentrale of the BVMW in Berlin. With the Rwandan Ambassador, the BVMW representative of the alliance for Africa and a deputy of the PSF representing the interests of Rwanda, the focus was on the economic cooperation from the side of Germany, represented by the GiZ and the head of the BVMW.

According to the head of the BVMW, Germany has not been successful with cooperating with Rwanda in terms of investments. Its small and middle economic sectors are still under-represented. Thus, the aim is to build a solid tie between these two countries by expanding the German private sector in Rwanda, so as to tighten their relationship.


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