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Latin American Cinema Arrives in Germany for Annual Film Festival

April 08th, 2014
Kino Latino.jpg

News from Berlin – The twenty-first edition of ‘CineLatino’ begins tomorrow in a week long event that will bring a taste of Ibero-American cinema across Germany. Held from April 9th to April 16th, the festival will take place in four different cities: Tubingen, Stuttgart, Freiburg and Rothenburg.

CineLatino will feature approximately thirty works spanning genres as diverse as documentary films, comedy and drama whilst exploring the culture and civilization of countries such as Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. This year’s focus will be on Ecuador’s cinematographic production, which generally enjoys a limited visibility in German movie theatres. With six films being presented by Ecuador, the festival is likely to project a highly multi-faceted image of the country. For participants in Tubingen there will also be a chance to attend a master class held by Spanish film producer and director Fernando Trueba, winner of the 1994 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film with Belle Époque.

Since its first appearance in 1993, CineLatino has established itself as the main platform for Latin American and Spanish cinema in Germany, with attendance figures for this year expected around 14,000. The event is sponsored by a number of cultural as well as academic institutions, and is organised by a team led by Paulo Roberto de Carvalho. Participation is free upon registration. News from Berlin – Berlin Global.