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Germany-Rwanda Youth : Learning from Each Other

May 23rd, 2014
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News from Berlin – The Embassy of Rwanda in Germany continuously promotes the Rwandan Culture through various events and projects.. From the 16th to 18th May, more than fifty students from Rwanda and Germany along with people of Rwandan Origin participated in a three day event at the Sportschule Koblenz-Oberwerth, where the opening address was given by H.E Christine Nkulikiyinka, Ambassador of Rwanda to Germany.

The focus of the weekend was to bring together young people with different backgrounds, and encourage them to learn from one another’s experiences, in order to break the clichés and misunderstandings that often constitute barriers to dialogue between peoples of the world. The focal point of the event was therefore to allow German young people to learn about Rwandan history and culture, and vice-versa. A big part of the discussion was about how perceptions and preconceptions take form. On this matter, an academic insight was provided by Dr. Volker Wilhelmi, a lecturer in technical didactics at the University of Mainz. The Rwandan pupils got the chance to improve their German language skills, as they communicated with the German students, who on the other hand, got the opportunity to discover Kinyarwanda, the mother tongue of the Rwandan participants. Everyone felt quite positive as they all stated that they would be willing to do it again.

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