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Closing Night of Swedish Advertising Exhibition at the Nordic Embassies

A night focused on the work of Roy Andersson: advertising films

January 23rd, 2015
On January 22nd, the ‘More than Advertising – Sweden Communicate’ exhibition was brought to a close with a movie night concentrating on the work of Roy Andersson. The exhibition came to an end with an interesting insight into one of the most important advertising directors of Sweden, Roy Andersson. The Nordic Embassies and the Swedish Institute organized the exhibition in honor of the Swedish advertising legacy.

Internationally, Roy Andersson is recognized for his work as a movie director. He has won multiple European film awards. His Songs from the Second Floor (2000) was awarded with a Golden Palm from the Cannes Film Festival, and he won a Golden Lion from the Film Festival in Venice for his A Pigeon Sat on A Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014). What many people do not know, is that he also was the director of over five hundred Swedish advertisements. Some of his most legendary works were made with his typical style of filming, which makes them pieces of art in themselves. With the end of this exhibition, the Nordic Embassies and the Swedish Institute concentrated on emphasizing his work as a director of advertisements.

At the closing exhibition, Andersson’s works were presented and explained by Johan Carlsson, his production leader. He gave special insights into Andersson’s ideas behind the work and explained the process of creating a successful advertisement. After that, the audience watched the documentary Tomorrow is Another Day, a movie focused on filmmaking according to Roy Andersson.

The exhibition ‘More than Advertising – Sweden Communicate’ gave an insight into the Swedish advertising industry. From the perspective of creative work, advertising as mirror of the time and digital marketing, the exhibition explained the Swedish advertising culture and the specific qualities of it. Containing 29 films and 19 posters from different years and times, a historical overview showed the development of Swedish advertising. The exhibition also pointed out the specific features that makes Sweden stand out compared to advertising other countries. The closing event was a fantastic ending to a fascinating exhibition.

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