“Chiribiquete, la casa de los dioses” in Berlin

A Colombian exhibition that brings you the Latin American Nature

July 29th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin

The Colombian Embassy organizes exhibition entitled “Chiribiquete, la casa de los dioses” in order to promote the landscape and the beauty of the Colombian state for the nationals and foreigners.

The exhibition, called "Chiribiquete, the house of the gods", offers the German-speaking public a look at the most fascinating facts of the almost 4.3 million hectares that covers one of the largest national rainforest national parks in the world. The photographs of the exhibition were in charge of the Colombian photographer César David Martínez.

In addition to the exhibition, a didactic event was organized in which children and adults painted colors of the species and plants that are part of Chiribiquete, and which were embodied in a collective mural.

The director of the Natural History Museum, Dr. Johannes Vogel, the Colombian Ambassador to Germany, Hans Peter Knudsen, and the WWF Colombia program officer Roberto Maldonado, opened the exhibition with a few words in front of the attendees.

After the exhibition, the exhibition will be at the Colombian Embassy in Germany until August 30, 2019 and on August 31 will return to the Natural History Museum in the framework of the “Long Night of Museums”.


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