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Berlin's Botanical Night: Celebration Under The Night Sky

July 17th, 2014

News from Berlin - On this Saturday night, Berlin’s Botanical Gardens hosts the Botanical Night, the city’s best party of the year. For one special night a year, the doors of Berlin’s spectacular Botanical Garden stay open till the early hours of the morning, letting guests explore the famous garden under a whole new light. On July 19, visitors from around the city can walk 10 miles of paths through flowerbeds and gardens, watch impressive performances and enjoy a stunning finale fireworks display. The night will see a combination of open house and music festival, with performance venues set out over its 126 acres and booths of food and drink that patrons enjoy at café and picnic tables.

The extraordinary evening will begin at 5pm and will come to a fabulous end with a 2 a.m. fireworks display over the Italian gardens. Visitors to the Botanical Night will delight in a night of varied entertainment. More than 150 artists will take part in the evening with musical performances, dramatic readings, and cabaret dedicated to the appreciation of nature. But the Botanical Night is not only about music — and food and wine. People can also wander among plants and flowers in greenhouses and in the open air. You could see some of the 22,000 species of plants and flowers set out among green lawns or in the tall glass greenhouses, including collections of cactus, orchids and even carnivorous plants.

Opened in 1910, the Berlin Botanical Garden has since become one of the world’s most famous botanical gardens, housing some of the most important plants in the world. Home to more than 22,000 different species and 16 greenhouses, guests can expect to see tropical and sub-tropical plants in their native climates, rose and herb gardens, and a number of ponds hosting unique plant life, all within the garden’s 100 acres.

For those interested in attending this year’s event, tickets for the Botanical Night are available online for €38 and at the Botanical Garden box office at the 5 p.m. start of the event. Visit the Botanical Night website http://www.botanische-nacht.de/start.htmlfor the full program of the lectures and performances.

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