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Berlin Global Delelgation to the Film Screening at the Indian Embassy

June 17th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Indian Embassy situated at Tiergartenstr. offers a range of cultural events open to everyone. On Monday June 16th they organised a screening of a Bollywood film called Guzaarish. The film was shown with German dubbing, but the songs were left in original English and Hindu.

The film tells a story of Ethan Mascarenhas, a former magician who, following an accident, has become quadriplegic and is now a radio presenter. After spending fourteen years being paralysed from his neck down he has decided to file an appeal to the court for euthanasia. This request surprises his close friends: his nurse Sofia D'Souza finds it hard to support him in his quest for death, but his lawyer friend Devyani Dutta supports him and fights for him in the court. Euthanasia is illegal in India, but Ethan starts his own campaign trying to explain to people why he wants to leave this world.

The film was absolutely beautiful, with very theatrical costumes, stunning magic tricks and Indian landscapes. It could seem that the topic - euthanasia – would make it really heavy, but the director succeeded in showing different points of view in an unbiased and easy-to-understand way.

It is worth visiting the Indian Embassy not only for the cultural events, but also to see their grand building surrounded by water and filled with Indian artwork. More information about the upcoming events can be found at their website

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