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Ancient Chinese Architecture Exhibition on June 20th

June 11th, 2014
ancient chinese architecture exhibition on june 20th.jpg

News from Berlin- Ancient Chinese architecture is a miniature of Chinese long-standing history and culture. It varies largely depending on the region, nationality and times. The history of ancient Chinese architecture can be traced back to Shang Dynasty (16th century BC – 771 BC), and architecture technology developed significantly during the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. It is characterized by flexible structure, wonderful and elegant appearance, regular layout and gorgeous ornaments. Ancient Chinese architecture, which has unique features in single building, building complex and architectural art, is an outstanding example of the ancient oriental architectures.

The exhibition will be held in China Cultural Center in Berlin on June 20th (Friday) at 18:30. China Cultural Center in Berlin is an official cultural institute in Germany held by People's Republic of China. Its purpose is to present the development of China in culture, arts and education to German public, and to further promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany in the above fields.


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