Züblin AG Sustainability

Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly: the definition of the future of building

September 04th, 2018
Olena Momotko, News from Berlin
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The Ed. Züblin AG, based in Stuttgart, is a German construction company with subsidiaries and subsidiaries in Germany and abroad. The main aims of its social responsibility policy are ecological questions, ethical and social aspects as well as economic efficiency connect - in holistic, resource-saving solutions, all with the overarching goal of fulfilling sustainability goals. In order to reach their ambitious goals, they question production processes, organizational structures and technologies always in view of minimizing CO2 emissions, conserving resources and to protect of the environment. “Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly: that's how we define the future of building”.

With new machine and plant engineering, innovative processes and a vast range of services, they manage to develop affordable custom solutions for people and the environment.

Our competence is based on the collective experience of more than 2500 successfully realized projects around the world as well as the top qualification of interdisciplinary teams.
In order to be more specific, let`s look at the particular projects and strategy.

Beginning in 2011, they succeeded in implementing the new strategy of reducing CO2 emissions, with the aim of becoming more carbon-conscious. This includes integrated planning and design, strong research and development activities as well as the use of innovative, sustainable products and construction techniques that consume as few resources as possible.

A recent project, conducted in Berlin concerning a groundwater remediation plant neat the Teltow Canal is designed to handle a flow rate of 15 m³/h. It consists of a stripping plant, air activated carbon filter and water activated carbon filter. The same projects were conducted earlier in others corners of the world such as Switzerland, India, Romania etc.

From previous year Züblin launched a new huge project in Singapore. Thanks to Züblin, everything underground will be in progress soon: such as, for example, until May 2020, the 4 km long waste water system will be built. This innovative process can be seen as the main drive behind producing safe, potable water to people who previously did not enjoy such a basic human right. 

Overall, the activity of the company is a benefit for the environment with reducing water and air pollution and in the same time providing visual pleasure for people and societies around the world.


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