Zambian Ambassador to Germany Described the Country’s Participation in Berlin’s Tourism Fair as a Success

Ambassador Anthony Mukwita was pleased by the engagement the Embassy had with visitors at the Berlin-based global international tourism fair

March 14th, 2019
Silja Saarela, News from Berlin
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Ambassador Mukwita said he interacted extensively with both the Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA) officials, led by Chief Executive Officer Felix Chaila, and tour operators at the stand.

For the past 30 years, Zambia has been a regular participant at the fair as part of efforts to keep the country’s tourism destinations known to the world. Increasingly, tour operators and other players in the hospitality industry in Zambia have been embracing a variety of means to attract visitors. “They all reported significant satisfaction with the quality of engagements they had with visitors to the Zambia stand”, reported Ambassador Mukwita now.

ZTA CEO Chaila said that more and more Zambian hotels and other tour operators are now available on most international search engines as and Expedia.

“The use of these globally well-known brand names in online booking promises to ease international travel into Zambia”, observes Mr. Chaila. Ambassador Mukwita said the Embassy would soon release tourism entry figures for Zambia for the past year to back up the success claim.

Zambia is a highly favoured destination in Africa, due to stability and peace it enjoys. In 2018, under the push for tourism, Zambia for the first time became a Culture and Convention partner. The country continues to promote its cultural relations with partners in order to promote tourism in Zambia.


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