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Youth Guitar Orchestra to Perform in Mexican Embassy

June 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin – On June 17, the Youth Guitar Orchestra, or Orquesta Juvenil de Guitarras (JGO), will perform in the Mexican Embassy of Germany.

The JGO is composed of about thirty young guitarists, which have all been awarded in the German youth contest “Jugend musiziert”. The orchestra was founded in 1991 as the first of its kind in Germany, and has since been acclaimed as a group of great talent and extraordinary success. Its directors –Helmut Oesterreich and Christian Wernicke– are renowned across the European world guitar music scene, as much as guitarists as maestros.

With an initial emphasis on contemporary music, and particularly on the alternative and experiment currents, the orchestra is also devoted to classical music from earlier periods.  Based upon this diversity, the orchestra has worked on a very eclectic repertoire. The band has toured in Cuba (2002), Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica (2003), Brazil (2010), Hong Kong and Australia (2011), Russia (2012). In addition, the JGO has performed in several European countries, in which its members have excelled in numerous international festivals.

For this unique event, the orchestra is fortunate to count on the participation of director Carlos Valenzuela.

The JGO performance will start on Tuesday June 17 at 17:00.

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