Finland is Official Partner for the International Green Week Berlin

„From the Wild“ of Finland to Berlin’s International Green Week

January 08th, 2019
Marlena Rafelt, News from Berlin

The 84th International Green Week (IGW) featuring food, agriculture, and gardening industries takes place from January 18th-2th. This year, Finland is a partner with the IGW and this is the first time that a Scandinavian country takes the floor. Finland is the northernmost agricultural country of the world, and in the framework of the IGW, it offers insights to their technologies, food sector, clean air, clean water, and soil expertise. In general, the themes of sustainability, organic agriculture, and renewable resources are increasingly important topics of the IGW.

Visitors participate in the fair in order to experience the finest produce, supplies and machinery for gardening, agricultural and horticultural businesses, breeding stock, equipment for households, kitchens, hunting, and fishing as well as in order to discover tastes of international, national, and regional foods. The IGW also allows the visitors to tap into new product markets for drinks and beverages and it offers an extensive program of forums, seminars, conferences and committee meetings surrounding the Green Week. International ministers and secretaries of state are frequent visitors.

The IGW offers a lot of image building potential and networking opportunities for companies and countries reflecting the current market trends,it shows innovations for future trends, and it mirrors Berlin as a culinary arts capital.

The exhibition: „From the Wild“ displays insights on Finnish forestry and organic wood products including more than 80 Finnish exhibitors. Finland presents itself as an exciting yet relaxing nature travel destination while offering a range of the country’s delights. These are, among others, oat and rye products - Finland is the world’s largest oat producer and exporter of other innovative delicacies and specialties such as bear, elk, reindeer meats or fish from different Finnish regions. Finns love their beer and coffee and thus visitors are invited to taste and explore variations.


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