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Yamato - The Drummers of Japan in Berlin

Traditional rhythms, musical, cultural and spiritual experience

July 09th, 2016
Georgi Zografov, News from Berlin

Music is one of the key instruments of cultural diplomacy. It is crucial for the communication and cooperation between people from different nations. Music is a universal language for expressing international relations between countries.

At the height of summer cultural diplomacy and the conduct of international relations will be shaped through music. Between 12.07.2016 and 17.07.2016 the most successful and well-known musical group of the Japanese Taiko scene – “Yamato” – are coming to Berlin. Here they will present their latest show, "Kaiki-ten”, in the Komische Oper Berlin. The group was founded in 1993 in Japan’s Nara Prefecture and until now has amassed over 2,500 performances in 51 countries and regions.

The group creates and presents original compositions and shows. They aim to highlight the millennial spirit of Japan in all its cultural and historical glory. A sound, which one can feel in one’s whole body, the music of “Yamato” spreads a unique vitality, wisdom and philosophy of life. Yamato’s musicians believe that the drums sound like a heartbeat, which is the power source of life and the driving force behind the human body.

The Drummers of Japan use around 40 drums and many other traditional Japanese instruments, such as the three-stringed Shamisen (plucked stringed instrument) or the small bronze Chappa (finger Cymbals). The drums that the musicians play on are known as “Taiko”. They were traditionally played at sacred Shinto rituals, ceremonies and to encourage soldiers in battle.

The beat played by “Yamato” combines an impressive Japanese tradition with the modern life of Asia. Powerful and thundering moments combine with quiet moments full of graceful beauty and poetry to give an intense live experience to all viewers.

The powerful rhythms, perfectly coordinated movements and sublime sceneries are ambassadors of cultural diplomacy and the good relations between Japan and Germany. The relations and cultural exchange between Japan and Germany date back over 150 years, and Japanese musical traditions have been significant for the building of the cultural and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The drummers never rest. Following the success of their tour in 2015, the masters of “Taiko” have moved directly to their next energetic show, which promises an even more phenomenal sound experience. The “infectious” rhythms, stunning choreography, sublime sets, costumes and fascinating lighting design delight view of ‘Yamato - The Drummers of Japan’ cut across all cultural boundaries.


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