World Music in the Indian Embassy

Indian classical and folk music blended with jazz will be presented in the Indian embassy in Berlin on the 20th February 2019

February 11th, 2019
Silja Saarela, News from Berlin
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South Indian percussionist and singer, Charu Hariharan, Spanish singer and clarinettist, Carola Ortiz, and Indian guitarist Nishad Pandey will present pieces of Indian classical and folk music in the Indian Embassy 20th February.

Carola Ortiz, Charu Hariharan and Nishad Pandey are young, successful, multifaceted musicians from Spain and India, who discovered each other through their own musical journeys. Following an encounter in Kolkata in 2017, the trio join forces to perform a repertoire that reflects their cultural upbringings.

Carola’s roots in Jazz, Mediterranean and Latin music blend with Charu’s Hindustani and Carnatic vocalisations and rhythmic punctuations. Nishad’s harmonic and tonal inflections provide a platform for a shared dialogue that invites the world of Jazz, Classical music and Rock to sit side-by-side. Together, the trio provides a sonic palette that includes voices, clarinet, bass clarinet, South Indian and world percussion, konakol, guitar and effects, where each musician provides his/her own unique musical imprint.

The event will take place in the Auditorium of the Indian embassy in Berlin (Tiergartestrasse 17), at 18:00 on the 20th of February. The entry is free for a maximum of 200 guests with valid Indian, German or other valid ID cards/passports having German stay permits. EU citizens may carry copies of their local registration certificate. Bags are not allowed. Information: 030-25795-105/-405


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