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World Hindi Day

Vishwa Hindi Diwas

January 29th, 2015
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World Hindi Day is the annual celebration of the national language of the Indian subcontinent. Hindi has currently become a widely spoken language all of the world. The Indian Embassy has cordially invited people to attend its World Hindi Day celebrations in its Culture Wing on the 30th, January 2015 at 18:00.

The primary aim of the event is to promote and propagate the Hindi language around the world. This will break down communication barriers across the globe and celebrates the spirit of the Hindi language. World Hindi Day will take place at the Embassy of India at Tiergartnenstraße 17 in Berlin.

The programme for the event was conceptualised by Mr. Sebastian Dreyer. The event will include recitations by Smt. Sushila Sharma-Haque, Ms. Sayasha Bala and Shri Arif Naquvi of Hindi poetry. Another part of the World Hindi Day celebrations will be song performances by Smt. Geetha Rao and Shri Dhiraj Roy, accompanied by Mr. Sebastian Dreyer on the sitar and Ms. Laura Patchen on the tabla of Meera bhajans. Meera bhajans were created by Meera, who was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. She was one of the most significant Sants of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. 1300 poems commonly known as bhajans are attributed to her. These are popular throughout India and have been translated and published worldwide.

World Hindi Day is celebrated primarily because of the legally and officially recognized languages in India, Hindi is the most spoken throughout. It is spoken, as a mother tongue, by 258 million people and is recognized as the 4th largest language in the world. The decision to use Hindi as the official language was ratified by the Constitution of India on the 26th January 1950. It was on this day, that the Devanagi script of Hindi was adopted as the official language of India. World Hindi Day is celebrated in all regions and countries with feasts, events, competitions and other services.

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