“Women Business Angels across Europe”

Promoting female entrepreneurship and angel investments

July 13th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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Recently, the issue of female entrepreneurship has been much discussed and it has been seen that the role of women in professional fields is finally, albeit slowly - changing. Women ask for management roles and absolute equality.

As it often happens in the business world, it was found that companies founded by women find it more difficult to get in touch with business angels and to be judged worthy of an investment. This problem is also connected to the prejudices affecting businesswomen.
These are the reasons why CrossEUWBA ("Enhancing the cross-sector emergence of new women business angels across Europe") was born. It is a project co-funded by the European Union, lasting two years. Its purpose is to facilitate the foundation of women-based businesses through the figure of a "business angel".

The project focused on the figure of the Woman Business Angel and enhanced its contribution to the economic life of the European Union. Among its aims, there is a deep understanding of the challenges that businesswomen face, how it is possible to overcome certain obstacles and achieve success, especially in countries where the presence of women in the labour market is lower than the average.

On July 11th, the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) together with the CrossEUWBA and other partners, organised a free webinar to talk about this topic. The title was "Women Business Angels across Europe".

The webinar was dedicated to all the people interested in female entrepreneurship and angel investments. The idea arose from some pressing questions: Why are women underrepresented among Business Angels? Which challenges do they have to face? What kind of support do they need to succeed?

After the presentation of the results of a survey, carried out in the 28 EU countries, to find out more about female angel investors, they shared their opinions and suggestions to increase the number of Women Business Angels and women entrepreneurs in Europe.


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