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Wine Festival in Pankow 2014

October 21st, 2014
20141020 Wine Festival Pankow .jpg

News from Berlin - This year the Pankower wine festival is the 22nd festival to take place in Berlin! This wine festival will take place from 24th until 26th October and will allow the exposure of numerous wineries and wine shops in the area of Pankow. The visitors will enjoy wine from the oldest wine-growing regions in Germany. Most wineries offer not only wine but also selected sparkling wines and liqueurs. Open on the weekend from 1pm to 9pm on Friday, 11am to 9pm on Saturday and 11am to 7pm Sunday.

In contrast to the infamous beer festival Oktoberfest that took place in a field, this wine festival will take place at the marketplace on the Breite Straße in Pankow. The festival will present enticing offers and treats. Pankow is the ideal location for a wine festival and offers an incredible variety of culture, nightlife, trendy living, and rural recreation areas. Amidst the particularly charming atmosphere in Prenzlauer Berg and its buzzing cultural scene, is a selection of bars surrounded by grand 19th-century architecture. The centre of Pankow with the Schönhausen Palace and the historical district of Weissensee gives way to a far-reaching rural area rendering this location idyllic for a wine tasting.

On this occasion, in accordance with Greek mythology tales, it is the Roman god of wine and debauchery Bacchus is celebrated. With free admission, this is not one to miss out on so come and check it out, wine not?

For More Information: http://www.pankower-winzerfest.de/

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