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Weird and Wonderful Berlin

In a post-new year session the city has reveal its unusual but vibrant underbelly.

January 16th, 2015
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The past thirty years has seen Germany undergo an enormous image change. Germany and Berlin in particular no longer resemble the stereotypical straight-laced land of the 20th Century. Berlin is now widely recognised as one of Europe’s most popular and creative destinations.

Tourists tend to be dance music fans, with Berlin being home to three of the most celebrated nightclubs on the continent. Berlin however, obviously has much more to offer than just an incredible nightlife.

Berlin is recognised as a hotbed of industry, business and nightlife. No matter how defeated you are feeling the morning after a night out, there are more than enough attractions to lift your spirit. Berlin Zoo and a tour of the Olympic Stadium are two highly recommended attractions. Everything is also easily accessible by S-bahn or U-bahn, which makes travelling for tourists extremely efficient.

The ease of access is obviously most notable on a night out. Tickets for particular events are often readily available at the door, which makes spontaneous nights out even easier. Despite a reputation for being pretentious, nightclub bouncers in particular are known for being extremely arbitrary, most German hosts are incredibly accommodating and welcoming.

Despite there being a large contingent of tourists in Berlin you still come across local Berliners; each with their own weird and wonderful stories of the city. Berlin definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it, and is an absolute must-see when visiting Europe. Weird and wonderful Berlin is an essential destination for any tourist – especially those with a perchance for dance music.

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20150116_Weird and Wonderful Berlin.jpg

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