Watch African Films and Movies at the AFRIKAMERA Film Festival

This year’s AFRIKAMERA - CURRENT CINEMA FROM AFRICA festival will take place between 8th and 13th October and will focus on "Urban Africa, Urban Movies"

September 29th, 2022
Natalie Thelin, News from Berlin
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“Urban Africa, Urban Movies” is the theme of this year’s AFRIKAMERA - CURRENT CINEMA FROM AFRICA festival and will put the theme of “Migration & Diaspora” in focus.

The festival has been going on since 2008, though the general subject of the last three years has been the same, with the previous years’ themes being "Politics & Revolution" in 2020 and "Youth & Youth Culture" in 2021.

The reason for this year’s festival’s subject is that migration and flight are contemporary issues regarding Africa and Europe in need of discussion. The AFRIKAMERA exists to broaden the perspective in the debate, as they say European perspectives are most often in the foreground, whilst African ones get pushed to the side. The festival will feature 20 documentaries and feature films by filmmakers from Africa in order to change this and open a dialogue.

The films feature not only the struggle with cultural identity of immigrants in Europe, but also the return of these people to their home countries where they are shown getting rebalanced. Another issue the films are discussing is the migration between African countries, and the political insecurities that appear. Along with the films, a theatre performance, VR projections and network formats will accompany the screenings.

The festival AFRIKAMERA - CURRENT CINEMA FROM AFRICA is an initiative of the association toucouleur e.V., an association of German and African cultural workers. The festival exists as a means of cultural exchange between Europe and Africa. In previous years, "Politics & Revolution" discussed social conflicts in the post-colonial era to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of multiple African states. The “Youth & Youth Culture" dealt with pop culture phenomena in African metropolises and documented the effect on young people’s lives.

The festival will take place in the Kino Arsenal.


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