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'Vyshyvanka' Day celebration in Berlin

In 'Vyshyvanka' Day, a well-known singer Tina Carol visited Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin

June 02nd, 2017
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Vyshyvanka is a tipe of embroidery shirt and a big part of Ukrainian national costume. It is an example of Ukrainian origins and is also used as talisman to protect a person wearing it.

The Day of Vyshyvanka is traditionally celebrated on third Thursday of May, and its intention is to unite all Ukrainians around the world. It's a flash mob holiday, when many Ukrainians wear this kind of shirt to demonstrate their adherence to the idea of national identity, unity and to show their patriotism.

Major part of the celebration was a performance of a contemporary, Ukrainian singer Tina Karol. She also visited Ukrainian Embassy, on which she held a speech for the diaspora, activists, the press and Berlin based Ukrainians. She was talking about Ukrainian traditions, her impact on ideas of Cultural Diplomacy and about the promotion of Ukraine and its image around the globe.

It was Tina Karol’s first concert in Germany, it was held in Urania Berlin. It inaugurated her European tour, called ‘Selected’, on which she will perform her best songs, full of vivid range of feelings, examples of strength, love of life, and inner beauty.  

During her speech in the Embassy of Ukraine Tina Karol shared her enthusiasm for her German audience, their positive reactions and interest in her songs. She pointed out that her mission is to promote Ukrainian culture with the help of her songs. She also plans to record an English-version album.

Tina Karol was very happy to meet Ukrainian diaspora in Berlin, among who were representatives of artistic sphere, tour guides, public activists and journalists. She expressed great honour to be able to talk with Ukrainians in Germany, to share their mutual feelings of patriotism and unity. She was also thankful for an an opportunity to discuss a plan about organizing more events with Ukrainians in different countries.

Hélène Meyer, News from Berlin
Berlin Global