Volkswagen is Ready for the Future

Volkswagen is ready to increase investments consistently, in particular to sustain its sustainable transition

May 10th, 2023
Biagio Drago, News from Berlin
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The last 3 years have been very difficult for the world’s companies, but after the worst period the markets are stabilizing again and Volkswagen is projected towards the future.

The German company confirmed itself as one of the most productive and strongest companies in the world.

The Global database has drafted the Top 30 German companies by revenues in 2022 in a Country where, despite the gas and looming crisis and the geopolitical disorders, Volkswagen is improving its numbers and it is ready to invest even more on green and sustainable technology seeking to strengthen CSR assets of the corporation. 

Germany and its companies are among the best examples, based on global indicators, in sustainability, green technology and in Corporate Social Responsibility around the world. In particular Volkswagen is not only a virtuous benchmark for economic performances, but also a strong reference point for the social attention on their employees and the environmental upgrades that have occurred in recent years in its production.

Furnishing quick examples of what Volkswagen is doing, this German corporation in 2022 has committed $48 billion in car battery supplies and plans to launch 16 factories to build electric cars by the end of 2022. Because the path for the future is even more green and every day is a challenge to accomplish new social and environmental goals.

Volkswagen is a model to follow when we talk about CSR, in which we need excellent economic performance but without forgetting about employee wellness and ecological transitions and sustainability.


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