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Visit to Sehitlik Camii Mosque in Berlin

June 25th, 2014
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News from Berlin - In cooperation with Süleyman Küçük,  a Theologist and Islamic Scientist from Turkey, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy organized a tour in the Sehitlik Camii Mosque in Columbiadamm, Berlin on June 23rd.

To begin with the ICD was welcomed by Küçük. Participants arrived at the site and were served with traditional Turkish tea while Süleyman Küçük provided an insight into Islamic history, also touching on the history of Turkey and its rituals as well as the situation and history of Islam in Germany.

Afterwards the tour of the Mosque began where the visitors were informed on many interesting facts about the Mosque from its architecture to its origins, history and the religion practiced there.

The Sehitlik Camii Mosque is very unique and impressive in its architecture as it was built from stones brought from Turkey in order preserve its authentic look. Before entering the Mosque, the attendees were asked to take their shoes off in line with the Islamic tradition. When the participants finally entered the the Mosque, they saw the walls which were decorated with colorful prints and Arabic words. The carpet as well as the walls were also bright and decorative. The Mosque provided an insight into a very different world from the urban landscape of Berlin - a sanctuary of peace and calm compared to the busy urban traffic surrounding it.

Overall, the tour was highly successful and the participants were able to learn a lot about Islamic religion and many other issues and advantages of its presence. After the tour a discussion took place where participants could interact with each other surrounding the Mosque and  Islamic religion followed by a question and answer session with Mr Küçük.

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