View Swedish Films at the Embassy’s Felleshus

This year in October the Swedish Embassy will be screening films made and produced by Swedish actors

October 04th, 2022
Natalie Thelin, News from Berlin
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The Embassy of Sweden will show Swedish movies to the German public on the 25th of this October. The screening will be in the evening at 18.30–20.00.

The movie of this year will be “Världens vackraste pojke” directed by Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri. The film is a documentary, spanning one and a half hours and is about the Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti.

The documentary will showcase the travels of Luchino Visconti when he travelled through Europe in order to find the “perfect boy” for the Death in Venice in 1970. He wanted the most beautiful person to play the role. In Stockholm, Visconti found Björn Andrésen, a shy boy of fifteen years. Andrésen became internationally famous overnight, which caused him to spend his teenage years in Venice, London, Japan and the film festival Cannes in France. Fifty years after the premier of Death in Venice Andrésen brings viewers on a journey through personal memories, film history, stardom and tragic occasions. It could be Andrésen’s last attempt at getting control of his life.

Entrance is free.


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