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U.S. Embassy: Going Green

March 21st, 2014
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News from Berlin. The U.S. Embassy in Berlin has instituted a series of teacher training conferences as part of the “Going Green” e-learning project that will run throughout Germany and the United States in 2014, instructing secondary teachers how to educate their students on the subject of sustainable development. The seminars included presentations from U.S. experts John Dean, from the University of Versailles, Fulbright Professor Kevin Krizek, and Christianna Stavroudis from Greifswald University, on the history of the green movement in the U.S., reassembling communities, sustainable traffic models, and political cartoons and environmental issues.

The first three seminars, held in Rostock (March 7), Halle (March 8) and Berlin (March 11), held over 150 participants. Additional seminars will be held in Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf in early June. The German-American project is a major national campaign aimed at secondary school students, in which students will design and implement individual projects.

Beginning in August, both German and U.S. students will be able to enroll on an e-learning platform and partake in a competition for the highest quality green project out of the classroom. “Going Green” is a bi-national project, connecting learner groups from the U.S. and Germany with a discussion and exchange of ideas on environmental sustainability. Partner schools are also recommended to work cooperatively on the project and strengthen their partnerships.  

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