US Ambassador’s Emotional Remarks in Feuchtwangen

The ambassador shares her personal family connection to the German city Feuchtwangen

June 27th, 2024
Yixiao Li, News from Berlin
20240627 US Ambassadors.jpg

Gutmann shares the deeply personal story of her father, Kurt Gutmann, a German-Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany. She highlights the trauma her family endured and the impact of the Holocaust on their lives. This personal history adds a heartfelt and poignant dimension to her speech.

She honors her father’s foresight and bravery in escaping Nazi persecution and saving his family. Her mention of placing Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) in front of their family home as a memorial is a moving gesture that underscores the importance of remembrance and the emotional legacy passed down through generations.

The ambassador’s message of love, truth, tolerance, and respect, along with her personal mantra about the impact of individual actions, is intended to inspire and empower her audience. Her call for active participation in defending democracy and freedom resonates on an emotional level, urging others to take a stand.

She said: ‘We need people – like all of you – who think critically, who ask tough questions, who bring new perspectives to help address these challenges. It’s up to all of us to stand up and speak out for democracy and freedom, and against hatred and discrimination.’


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