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Urban Spree: Berlin’s hot spot for events

June 05th, 2014
Urban Spree.jpg

News from Berlin – Focused on contemporary art and urban culture, Urban Spree is located in the center of Berlin, in the district of Friedrichshain, near to SBahn Warschauer Straße. This artery enjoys a particularly great popularity and is frequented by ca. 80.000 visitors a day.

That former railways maintenance building, one of the last compounds in the center of Berlin, is offering a true Berlin spirit located next to a very interesting neighborhood: East Side Gallery, the Spree riverbanks, the Oberbaumbrücke or the Boxhagener Platz.

A 400 sqm gallery can give temporary space for artistic and corporate events, workshops and screening and another 900 sqm Biergarten hosts regularly fashion defiles such as the Berlin Fashion Week.

Currently, from June 5th to 8th, Urban Spree organizes the Berlin Wonderland Photography Exhibition, which provides an insight into the transformation of Berlin’s urban landscape during the “wild years” from 1990-1996. After the fall of the Wall, this period plays an important part in defining the Berlin center’s identity. At that time, throughout young and creative artists who were living the rebirth of the German capital, the district of Mitte began to convert into a hot spot of a new art scene. In over 200 pictures, visitors will overfly a period of breakup, opposition and reform.

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