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‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES’ The American Independent Film Festival is Returning to Berlin for the Sixth Time

January 06th, 2014

An Event Announced by the American Embassy, an Independent Film Festival Titled UNKNOWN PLEASURES #6 is Returning to Berlin

UNKNOWN PLEASURES #6 – American Independent Film Fest. Returns to Berlin with a Topical Focus on Historical Events. A ticketed two-week event supported by the Embassy of the United States seeking to portray the lives of those often unrepresented thro


News from Berlin. The Exciting Film Festival ‘UNKNOWN PLEASURES‘ is returning to Berlin. The independent films defy traditional Hollywood cinema, providing engaging and intelligent films. Independent cinema has developed into a major influence in American culture during the last 30 years.

In a break from Hollywood conventions, UNKNOWN PLEASURES is running for it’s sixth year, favourite topic themes this year are historical events, for example the opening film is titled ‘The Immigrant‘  by James Gray which powerfully depicts the story of immigration.

According to the programme organisers the films can be regarded as “pauses for recollection or as challenges to common views”. The group behind the festival, Unknown Pleasures seeks to offer intelligent and politically engaged cinema, far from the status quo.

The event takes place at BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 30, 10178, Berlin from January 1st until January 15th 2014.

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