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Unesco Promotes Cultural Cooperation Through the Greater Europe Peace Orchestra

An idea that includes the involvement of young musicians on a high level, from across the European Continent, excited to promote peace and cultural cooperation through music

November 30th, 2016
Roberta Capelluti, News from Berlin

A group of teenagers, talented young people, around 20 people from France, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and other European countries, that have the opportunity for European cooperation. It is also an opportunity for intercultural exchange between several countries, who gather to play in the same Orchestra and share the same goal, to promote peace and cultural cooperation through music.

The Greater Europe Peace Orchestra, has previously organized other concerts, specifically in 2015, that took place the first in Paris, at the headquarters of UNESCO, bringing together one hundred people and the second time at the Auxerrois Church Saint Germain, attracting more than three hundred people, bringing the best of the cultural cooperation between all, creating a level of thought aimed at the defence of peace.

This year the Greater Europe Peace Orchestra will hold three concerts, which will take place in Berlin, between 26th and 28th November.

The concert will be held in different places: on 26th the concert will be held at St Matthias and will concern the theme of music as a tool of communication and peace in Berlin; the second will be hosted on 27th at Jugendkulturzentrum PUMPE, and will be about refugees; finally, the third concert will be held on 28th at the Sankt Matthäuskirche and will regard the cooperation in Greater Europe through the contribution of civil society.

Since they are coming from different countries around the world, the 20 musicians playing in the orchestra represent their different cultures from Great Europe and the opportunity to cooperate. Through classical music, they will perform pieces composed by famous musicians such as the Russian Tchaikovsky, the German Brahms, the Czech Dvorak, the Austian Mozart, the Italian Vivaldi and Bach.

Through the element of music, comes this opportunity to promote peace, cultural exchange and above all cultural cooperation.


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